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01. Brand Communication

02. Graphic design

03. Identity

  1. 01. Brand Communication

    Your brand collateral shows who you are as a company - what you stand for. This is too important to leave to word processors and off the shelf tools to maintain. Present yourself in the best possible light and ensure consistency in your internal and external communication. Industry standard tools and comprehensive understanding of your CI and CD are the keys in putting your brand on display.

  2. 02. Graphic design

    Your needs for visual communication, magazine and newspaper advertising, books, collateral design or maybe product packaging, producing a balanced, focused and symmetrical final result are in the right hands at ub-creative. The focus is on composition, one of the most important features of graphic design. I develop your design with great respect for your company, especially the brand, culture, heritage and environment.

  3. 03. Identity

    The visual identity of your company should reflect on the business itself, and the products/services it provides. Easy identifiable logos, clear typography and colors, are the hallmarks of a successful corporate identity.
    My international experience allows me to develop a successful identity package for your company as I understand your local, regional and international needs in the marketplace.


Who is your client and the targeted audience?
What is the client trying to achieve with this project?

Unique – Memorable – Successful
The process of developing the right idea for your project.

creating highly effective designs
in support of the product / service.

  1. 01. Project Insight

    Who is your client and the targeted audience?
    What is the client trying to achieve with this project?

    The need for information is vast prior to starting a project. Open communication between both parties is at the heart of each project. Sharing of assets, such as the CI a necessity. I aim to get as much information as possible before starting a project.

    The better the brief and the information provided, the better the final result presented to the client.

  2. 02. Concept Development

    Unique – Memorable – Successful
    The process of developing the right idea for your project.

    I aim to create an original concept for your project through brainstorming, association of ideas, and thumbnail sketching. Often times the projects brief already presents unique opportunities for the right concept.

    However, asking the right questions and understanding client, audience and media will assist in coming up with “The right Idea” for the project at hand.

  3. 03. Design + Realization

    creating highly effective designs
    in support of the product / service.

    The combination of having developed a great concept with the understanding of the product, the client and the targeted audience culminates in the final design process.

    Concept relevant imagery and graphics, typography, and colors representative of the brand will ensure the design receives highest customer satisfaction.


01. Brand Communication

02. Identity

03. Website Design

04. Bound Collateral

05. Advertising + Editorials

06. Package Design

  • Be-So-W Magazine, W South beach, Florida, USA
  • Dzwikowsi Brand Collateral and Stationery
  • Floecksmühle ochtendung Website
  1. 01. Brand Communication

    A monthly magazine publication for a five-star luxury resort in South Beach / Miami. Published in print and electronically, the magazine reaches about 5,000 readers monthly. Contents include regional and local happenings, interviews, fashion highlights and recipes amongst others.
    Client W South Beach | Year 2009 - present

  2. 02. Identity

    Design revision of the logo and update of brand collateral for an exclusive hairstylist in Berlin. Using a classic serif typeface for the logo in conjunction with the Chinese symbol for "Beauty" reflects the traditions of the salon, in its German roots, and Asian inspired interior and styling services.
    Client: Salon Dzwikowski | Year 2012

  3. 03. Website Design

    Design of new Wordpress based Website for a Historic Flour Mill near Koblenz (Germany) – Floecksmühle Ochtendung – Requirements asked for a clean and modern look plus integrated Blog with the possibility to expand the site with an education portal for local schools.
    Client: Floecksmühle Ochtendung | Year 2013

  4. 04. Bound Collateral

    A wide selection of vanity brochures and reports for multinational corporations, retail catalogues, sales collateral for the international hospitality industry, as well as current affairs books and historic accounts for non-profit organizations. All of them highly individualized to the client's needs and requirements.
    Client Various | Year 2005 - 2013

  5. 05. Advertising + Editorials

    Design of various advertising for consumer and trade publications in national and international markets. Design ranges from full-page, full-color, to black and white newsprint, to multi-page editorials. I am working with you and your brand in creating advertising tailored to your needs.
    Client Various | Year multiple

  6. 06. Package Design

    Client brief called for an eye catching / different design of a Banana Box. Following this successful concept, the design was adapted in different colors for Plantains and Burrows (both in the same plant family). Fruits are digitally illustrated.
    Client Sun Group of Companies | Year 2012


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